A Funny Valentine

I am proud of our relationship. We are a type of couple who are not too sweet because we are more like goofy.

We always tease each other like giving each other an ugly names. He calls me Simang, because I’m always frowning (Simangot) or Kurameng because it sounds like Simang? Haha. I really don’t know where the hell did he get that name from. He thinks I’m gonna pissed off, but I’m more like LAUGHING, AND LAUGHING, AND YEAH STILL LAUGHING. Come on! Those names sound funny right? 🙂 And when I want to piss him off, I will call him by his first name which is very accurate because he ends up annoyed.


Taking silly pictures while on our way to Divisoria. 🙂


I surprised him with this Jar of Hearts on our First Anniversary. Sweet ey!

And like any other couple have, we also have our inside jokes and weird games. WE LOVE TO PLAY. ^_^ Dang he’s good at Scrabble, Bunong Braso (of course) and Thumb Wrestling. My favorite is the latter one and I don’t want to explain why. It’s just that one of the things I love about our relationship.

We also love making phrase out of vehicle’s Plate Numbers or Letters, whatever. Hihihi! Like letters DDC, ABC, DEF, DOG, CAT, PIG, DIT, MAC, etcetera, etcetera. Example MAC: Masarap Ang Chocolates. 🙂 And oh, we also have our SIGNATURE HANDSHAKE. It’s the famous hand game that I don’t know what it’s called, but it goes like this,


But of course we put a twist on the “game” through a tough handshake. Yeah Beat That!


Someday I’m gonna hang our pictures on the wall. Hihi!


Two feet that are always together, RAIN or Shine. ^_^

I LOVE TO LAUGH AND MY MAN LOVES TO MAKE ME LAUGH. Yes, we are soulmates. 🙂 A clown who’s born to give people a hard laugh and a kid who wants to be happy, ah PERFECT MATCH! He likes to imitate someone, even I for Pete’s sake! When he starts to ramp the catwalk style and pout his lips a little, I know he is copying me! Haha! And when he starts to crack a joke or spill a little blooper, I will start to laugh like there’s no tomorrow. I just can’t stop laughing, HE IS MY HAPPY PILL. Aww Love ♥


Forever my love.

We also love to watch movie. I know what you are thinking, BUT NO! We don’t like watching romantic movies. Were not like those typical couples who like to cuddle and get mushy while watching Romance Flicks like Twilight. Nyehaha! We are more like a Comedy, SciFi and Horror moviegoers. 🙂 Believe it or not the first movie that we watched was The Devil Inside. The movie was not bad though, more like scary. I almost wreck his shirt. Haha!


A collage of my bursting happiness. 🙂


Mi Love. (♥.♥)

See? Our relationship is a perfect combo of love and fun! Teasing each other, taking silly pictures together, laughing at small things, watching Comedy movies on a cozy sofa, playing like kids and many more are one of the things that make a relationship last. If yours is too sweet it will be satiating. It’s like eating cake everyday of your life. Like come on, Cake is superlatively delicious, but would you really eat that cake like forever? Put a Sweet and Sour flavor in your relationship. Try something new and have some fun in your relationship. Tease him but tell him you love him, call him ugly names but cuddle him, laugh with him and kiss him and act like bestfriends and lovers at the same time.


Fridate at Robinson’s Galleria.


Just a little trivia, my guy doesn’t want me to wear John Lennon glasses because I look weird daw. Do I?

And to end my blog I’m gonna end this with a piece of thought, There’s no perfect relationship, just Chemistry. 🙂


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