365 Reasons Why I Love You

   I love to give gifts with a personal touch.

It’s not being cheapskate, it’s all about giving something personalized and spending too much effort for a person. Yes, receiving extravagant gift is awesome, but would it be nicer if you receive something really beautiful because it has a magic touch from the one you love?

So on our first anniversary I gave my boyfriend this enormous jar full of words written in a colored post-it-notes shaped heart. I wanted to tell him that there are a lot of reasons why I chose to stay since the day I fell in love with him. But of course I couldn’t tell him those in just one day, so I decided to pour my thoughts into little cute colored hearts. Here are the words I can’t say. The highlighted ones are my faves. 🙂

1. You are a breath of fresh air

2. You took me to the places I have never been to

3. I love how God perfectly put those dimples on your face

4. Your smile

5. You are a Math buff

6. your cooking

7. I love your English accent

8. You are so patient with me

 9. We are equal. You have three guy siblings, while I also have three girl siblings.

10. You are full of surprises



The first I did. Printed those meat in the jar.


The sweetest words for him.


11. You are so understanding

12. You gave everything to me

13. You are very supportive

14. You love me more than I love you

15. I am your princess

16. You never left me for the entire year

17. You changed your status from Single to In A Relationship With

18. You tolerate me

19. You took care of me when I caught Dengue fever

20. You kiss my forehead

21. You wipe my tears when I cry

22. Our love story is beautiful

23. You update my Anti-virus even if it takes you five hours in front of the computer.

24. You play with kids.

25. You introduced me to your family

26. You hold my hand when I am afraid

27. You hand me handkerchief if I forget mine

28. I learned to pray

29. I am comfortable when I am with you

30. You are not just a lover, you are my goofy bestfriend



I’m spending the night just doing this. The little girl is my adopted baby. Hihi!


31. You don’t have a bad habit

32. You don’t smoke

33. I am the first person that comes in your mind when you see pink stuff

34. You never complain when I am having second, third millionth thoughts on buying something.

35. You still love me even if I am fickle minded

36. You are my comfort zone.

37. I am never afraid when we are together.

38. Divisoria Time!

39. Our signature hand shake

40. Your corny jokes

41. You push my hair away from my face when you kiss me

42. You laugh at my jokes

43. I don’t even remember if there was a time that you made me cry

44. You never get tired of fetching and walking me home

45. You are the first person I had Starbucks with

46. I know that we will grow old together

47. You never feel disgust when you hold my sweat palms

48. You know my deepest secrets and my innermost thoughts

49. Your morning messages

50. You say sorry even if it’s my fault because you value me more than your pride

51. I am a sweet tooth but that’s okay because you are my toothbrush

52. You are computer savvy

53. We are getting fat together

54. Your love for me is as big as my appetite

55. You remember every little things about me

56. You are proud of me

57. You believe in me more than I believe in myself

58. We have the same cellphone

59. You encourage me in everything that I do.

60. We both love Smurfing

61. You are my number one fan

62. You are like my favorite Rocky Road ice cream.

63. You always find a way on making me smile

64. You love my curly hair

65. I love your nails

66. You love your mommy

67. You love my sisters

68. You carry my more-than-5-kilo laundry

69. You are never ashamed when you wore my high heeled shoes because my feet hurt

70. You help me wash my stinky clothes





Hearts all over my bed. ♥


71. You cuddle me back to sleep when I wake up at 3:00am

72. You hug me when I am afraid

73. You consistently hold my hand when we cross the streets

74. You never get sated on me

75. It’s your face that I want to see when I wake up in the morning

76. I can sleep well when we are together because I know that nothing bad will ever happen.

77. I feel secured when you are around

78. I am your baby

79. You are conservative

80. You have a niece who loves me

81. Your expressive eyes

82. I am just an ordinary girl, but you treat me extraordinarily.

83. You see beautiful things inside me

84. You never stop courting me

85. You are my inspiration

86. I can always count on you

87. You were so brave by letting me cry on your shoulders because I was struggling to move on from my previous relationship

88. Your simplicity

89. Your sincerity

90. Your craziness matches my mine

91. Your manly eyebrows

92. I love how you pronounce the words P-H-I-L-I-P-P-I-N-E-S and P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

93. You never get mad at me when I am making fun at you

94. We always fight, but despite of that you still care for me

95. You always set aside your ego just for me.

96. You wipe the mud away from my feet during rainy days

97. You know my story

98. Since I met you I learned to bring hanky everyday.

99. Your voice

100. You laugh so hard



Yey almost finish!


101. You are gentleman

102. You kiss my hand before you go home

103. You were very eager to meet my mom

104. You carry me on your back when I am tired of walking

105. How you don’t feel disgust when I burp and fart

106. When you grab my butt

107. When you constantly tell me that I am beautiful

108. When you tease me

109. When you pinch my cheek

110. You are my morning call

111. You keep in contact with me throughout the day

112. We are always together during break time

113. Back hugs

114. Your signature soft kiss on my lips

115. I can be myself when I’m with you

116. The Plate Number game

117. Our inside jokes

118. We started unofficially

119. We wildly made out outside

120. I can grab your shirt when I am afraid of watching horror movie

121. Your desk was just in front of me and only wall was built between us

122. You visit me everyday

123. You bring me sweets

124. We both love ballpens. Like BALLPENS!

125. We are so different yet we are connected

126. My heart beats your name

127. I love curling up and watch movies with you

128. You have a self-discipline

129. I love how you tease me with ugly names

130. You are honest

131. I love how you act so brave in front of me

132. We talk in English language

133. You never left me when I applied in Ortigas

134. We love to pig out.

135. Ah! The sleepovers

136. How I can tell everything on you

137. You still call me beautiful in my bad hair days

138. You told me that I am good to look at in any dress I wear

139. Your big nose

140. Your nape

141. Your stomach

142. How I felt when we shared our first kiss

143. You were worried when I was kidnapped

144. You will be a very good husband and a father someday

145. We have future plans

146. The SHINIKS.

147. You know my Facebook account but never dare to check.

148. We are so close yet we still know the meaning of privacy

149. How your nose hair always find a way to show off

150. I love your white teeth



I love the braid around the rainbow piece. Aww So beautiful ^_^


151. For logging me in everyday

152. You are never tired of my rants

153. You never shout me back when I scream at you

154. You get my coin purse when I throw it

155. You let me lie on your chest

156. Your underarm smells good

157. How you sleep late because we are talking over the phone

158. How you stare at the mirror

159. Your handwriting

160. Your hilarious moves when you mimic someone

161. How serious you are with your job

162. You wring the heavy clothes for me

163. You don’t compare me from your past

164. You accepted my past

165. You accepted me for who I am and for what I have

166. You teach me how to answer Algebra

167. You are a heaven sent for me

168. You are the wishes that I wished every night

169. You are a God’s gift

170. I love that you are trying even if it turns out wrong

171. You buy me coffee

172. You let me make fun of your face by putting lots of make-up on it

173. You are kind

174. How I can tell you anything about a person and agree to everything

that I say

175. Your have your own vocabulary- FRANCHETTO!

176. You are my bestfriend

177. Your tokwa’t baboy tastes like heaven

178. You are one heck of a lover

179. You are so good at computer games

180. You never want me to get hurt

181.  You want me to behave as I am expected to

182. You open my bottled water

183. I love your dirty old sneakers

184. I love your violet and navy blue polo shirts

185. Your Shakey’s-look-a-like uniform

186. I love watching you play with Dadang

187. I treasure your gifts

188. How you look when you wore my birthday gift to you

189. Your moan!

190. You have a huge respect on me

191. your oiliness

192. I still don’t know everything about you, but I’m happy spending my

whole life getting to know you more

193. One year and still counting

194. I love you everyday

195. How I can tell you “Hoy lalake”

196. We are of the same age

197. You know that I am strong, but you are there to fight my


198. We fight a lot but we don’t sleep mad at each other

199. Just one hug from you and everything goes well

200. You are such a scene spoiler



Chadaaaa!!! Sorry about my handwriting, it’s awful.


201. You lent me your cellphone because mine was torn

202. I still look sexy on your eyes even if I have this big belly now.

203. Without you, I would have never known the song 14 by Silent Sanctuary

204. You told me once when I was sulking at the corner, “Aanhin ko pa ang past kung masaya na ako sayo”

205. You still have the magic that sends shiver down my spine

206. You love cats, while I hate them

207. You are very hospitable

208. You know my favorites

209. You were so cute when you ask me for a first date

210. Our monthsary is pay day. Like PAY DAY!

211. You really love my red-lipstick look

212. You still think that I have a good heart despite of my kontrabida image

213. You pause the movie for me when I am about to pee

214. You download movies for me

215. How I can spend moments with you with my pajamas and yesterday’s make-up

216. You are with me through thick and thin

217. You are everywhere to me

218. You take pictures and videos of me

219. How you bought and wore our couple’s shirt

220. You are not maarte

221. You don’t judge me when I watch porn videos

222. You hold my hand tight when we cross the streets

223. You let me walk out or walk in a room first

224. Let’s talk about chivalry

225. You are incomparable from my previous boyfriends

226. You are the best!

227. I love your falsetto voice

228. You serenaded me with You and Me by Lifehouse

229. We both enjoy the benefit of free Wi-Fi

230. I don’t have a reason of leaving you

231. You mean the world to me

232. I love our thumb games

233. I love how you look at me

234. I love your eyes when you look at me

235. Our love story is a romantic comedy movie

236. The way my arms fit around your waist

237. The way I could be bitch but still you don’t think that I am less of a person

238. I can’t get enough of you

239. You have a killer smile

240. How you always know if I am happy

241. How you always know if there is something bothering me

242. How you always know if I am sad

243. How you always want me to kiss you when you go home

244. I can’t wait to move in with you

245. Your personality

246.  You are very respectful to everyone

247. The way your voice sounds over the phone

248. Two is better than one

249.  I can’t wait to see little you and little me

250. How you say whether something looks good on me or not

Camera_Effects_03152013081233 IMG_20130315_081105

He surprised me with this pink, fat, furry bear. Her name is Giorgio.


251. You make me love you

252. Our make love

253. I was your first kiss

254. How excited you were on our first time

255. We danced with no clothes on

256. You carry me no matter how heavy I am

257. How you get a little worried when you don’t get a reply from me

258. You are a cry baby

257. Your face when you bow down to kiss me

258. Your twisted tongue

259. How you talk fast

260. Your lips when you talk fast

261. You meet me halfway when you won’t be able to fetch me

262. You really love carrying my bag

263. You call me when I am crying

264. Your’e a boy and a man at the same time

265. At least you think of me everyday

266. You bring me foods from your office

267. You wait for me until my work is done

268. How you still give me butterflies

269. You type above average typing speed

270. You are a living Flash

271. Yummy Ferrero!

272. I can laugh hard with you

273. How you eat my cooking even if it doesn’t tastes good

274. How you smell my hair

275. You gave me flowers

276. The way we laugh at small things

277. How thoughtful you are

278. You know the right words to say in every situations

279. The way we don’t care about the world

280. I am your Highness

281. You are going to take me to the altar

282. You bought me new journal

283. You never read my diary

284. You are never boring

285. Holding hands

286. Everyday is a Valentine’s Day

287. The way you walk

288. Your love for cats

289. You eat numbers

 290. You let me choose our endearment

291. Your face when you are drunk

292. You love me as much as you love yourself

293. I trust you

294. You never mock me

295. You replaced my old wristwatch strap

296. We can share foods

297.  I always have the last bite of your food

298. You eat my leftover

299. You accompany me in meeting up my buyers

300. You take my breath away



Define haggard?


Were tired of strolling. Had to rest for a while.


301. There are a lot of reasons to stay

302. I don’t want to lose you like ever!

303. You are my living teddy bear

304. How you hug me from my back when we sleep

305. I know we will last

306. How you adjust with my mood swings

307. You understand me when I am having PMS

308. Your awful singing voice

309. Your respect for your parents

310. You are my other half

311. I can be cheesy without hesitations

312. I am not intimidated by you

313. You treat me special

314.  How you make me love you more each day

315. You are such a Bookworm addict

316. How you always win when we play Scrabble

317. How you helped me get through that Basha outbreak last year

318. We are young and silly

319. You carry my shopping bags

320. You don’t have a tattoo

321. You don’t have piercings

322. The little things about you that annoy me

323. How you still love me when I am grumpy

324. How you look in the morning

325. Your messy hair when you get up from bed

326. You stay awake when I can’t sleep

327. We both love listening to Dear Jasmin show

328. How you were surprised when I gave you my first monthsary gift

329. When you tell me that I am the best girlfriend

330. How you pinch my cheeks

331. You tell me I am cute

332. Your love for gadgets

333. How you go home late because you want to stay with me longer

334. We love being goofy on pictures

335. You scare the hell out of me when I don’t get a reply from you

336. The way you would rather be with me than playing Dota

337. You are my Dota King

338. Your little kisses

339. How you try to understand my gay lingo

340. Your achievements

341. Your morals

342. Your manners

343. How you show me your not-so-big muscles

344. How you wanted to look sexy for me

345. How you don’t step on my foot when we dance

346. Your creativity

347. Your resourcefulness

348. You are a Boy Scout

349. You are never ashamed when I tell you to buy sanitary pad

350. How you amaze me in everything that you do

351. You eat marshmallows

352. Your hilarious slogan

353. How we work at the same place

354. We were together last New Year’s eve.

355. You wash the dishes for me

356. We love to cook

357. How we kiss and hug

358. You love my legs

359. You tell me that you love me everyday

360. How you love all my imperfections

361. You don’t tolerate me when I do something bad

362. How you miss me when we are not together

363. You chose me

364. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me

365. How you write me poems


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