Fashion Fairywinkle

Hey Gorgeous! Im here to write about fashion tips. I am not a graduate of Fashion Design nor an experienced stylist, but I can say that my fashion taste is enough for me to write this article.

By the way my name is Knikon Angelie, you can call me Kniks for short. I am a self-confessed fashionista and currently working as an editor in a magazine. You can look at my profile in this website to know more about me Ü Anyways, Nuff said about me. Im here for a fashion thingy.

Fashionista is what you call a person who is into fashion (of course!). Cute dresses, clothes, peep toes, signature bags, leopard print wardrobes, and many more are the things that you have to have to be fab. But what if you don’t have a lot of money to buy those things? Can’t you be a fashionista? I know you are craving for that Louis Vuitton bag you saw on TV. Its like your hands are itching to grab it and your feet really wanna take you to the store. You feel like it is really made for you. You really wanna buy it, but you don’t have dough so you might think of charging it into your account. Ow wait! You cant be Rebecca Bloomwood. The idea is a big NO! NO! Tsk! the bag costs a hundred folds than your monthly salary for Pete’s Sake! Its just so disappointing that you cant have what you really want. You cant afford it, not unless you are born with a silver spoon on your mouth. If you know what I mean. =)

So here I am, your Fashion Fairy, to help you. No I’m not here to lend you money =) Im here to give some advice to those girls who want to be fab without spending too much. You ready?

  • Mix and Match. You can be a fashionista without spending too much by learning the art of mix and match. You don’t have to buy new clothes to be fashionable, in fact you can use your old clothes to be one. Mix and match them to come up with a new outfit and paired it with cute accessories you bought from tiangge (flea market). Olala! you will look awesome.
  • You can always visit the ukay-ukay stores. This is one of the underrated bazaars in the Philippines. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this store because I guarantee you they have fab clothes, shoes and bags with a great value for your money.  You can even find branded stuffs there. Most of my fab clothes and shoes are Ukay-ukay. Im an Ukay-ukay Shopaholic Ü Note: When you buy something over there make sure to pour hot water on the clothes to disinfect.
  • Flea market is also one of the lists. Just like Ukay-ukay you can also find affordable cute accessories, clothes, shoes, and bags there. Divisoria is a widely known flea market in our country. If you are on a tight budget visit the place and get ready to be superb. Ü
  • Be experimental and creative. If your’e bored why not dig your old stuffs and experiment with it. Be a self-confessed fashion designer. You can make a dress out of your boyfriend’s long sleeves, a layered pencil skirt out of your tube dress, a sexy shorts out of your old jeans, a bag out of your shirt, you can even fold your dress to wear it as a skirt and many more.
  • Accessorize. Your look will stand out if you accessorize it. You will look good if your accessories will match with what you wear. You can also wear accessories with the same color of your clothes or wear shoes/bags with the same color with your outfit. Trust me it looks cute. Just don’t over do it if you don’t want to look like jologs. One thing, do not wear dangling earrings when you are wearing collared clothes.
  • Be confident. No matter how fab your outfit is, if you are not confident with what you wear you will not be attractive.
  • Be yourself! wear your clothes and don’t let the clothes wear you. Even if you are fat or so slim, just be confident.

The pictures below are my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) from my Instagram. No branded stuffs worn, just confidence.


Bought the skirt and accessories from aionlineshop for a very low price. Check their website if you want. The blouse was from my cousin.


Skimpy dress from Ever Gotesco Department Store, necklace and Eiffel Tower earrings from a trift store and Parisian pumps.

Affordilicious accessories from 168 Mall.


Blouse was a gift from someone, leggings from a bazaar, wedge from Greenhills Shopping Mall and accessories from Tutuban Mall.


A hand-me-down black laced long sleeves from my sister, tiger skirt from Ukay-ukay, accessories from 168 Mall.

Aztec dress with pink belt from a cheap boutique store in Ever Gotesco Ortigas, cardigan from ukay-ukay, pink jewelry set (not visible) from Unisilver and rainbow step-in sandals from 168 Mall. By the way that’s my sister, Adjie.

Green long blouse from online shop, brown pencil cut skirt from a cheap boutique store, leopard print oxford shoes on sale from SM Department store.

Blouse on sale from 168 Mall, slacks from Ukay-ukay, wedge on sale from Rusty Lopez, accessories from 168 Mall.

Korean style. 🙂 Aztec polo blouse from Natasha, yellow belt from Gozum Boutique, jeans from Bizarre and denim oxford shoes on sale from SM Department Store.

Buttons-up sleeveless from Divisoria, black trouser from ukay-ukay store, wedge from Rusty Lopez, accessories from 168 Mall and online shop.


A close up look of the picture above. 🙂

Hello Kitty big blouse from Greenhills Shopping Mall, black leggings from a bazaar.

Black sheer dress with a ruffled skirt design from ukay-ukay, cute black criss cross stockings from HBC, black boots from ukay-ukay and accessories from Vente.

Worn this during one of our pictorials. Blouse and white wedge from ukay-ukay, leopard print leggings from bazaar and accessories from Vente.

Office attire.^_^ Buttons up blouse from ukay-ukay, skirt from tiangge and gold studs necklace from an online shop.

Throwback OOTD. Blouse from GAP (ukay-ukay), shorts was actually an old Levi’s jeans, silver shoes and bag from ukay-ukay.

Throwback OOTD. Tube dress was actually a skirt of my Aunt’s. Just a little accessory from a cheap store to make a complete fab look.

So there they are, my pictures of how I love Fashion. Brand and how much your wardrobe cost don’t matter. It’s all about being creative and brave. Creative to play with colors and brave enough to wear what you think is the best. 🙂

Last piece of advice.

Whatever tops you wear or how big your tummy is, always remember that CONFIDENCE is the best wardrobe that you are ever going to wear. So go now and spread the fashion fairy dust I sprinkled on you. ♥


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