Have you ever thought what could it be if you become a guy? What are the things that you will do for her as a boyfriend?

I always ask myself this questions whenever I see guys mistreating their girlfriends or my boyfriend misunderstands me. Like if I’m on my PMS days, he doesn’t understand why I am so pissed off. Like always. Hihi! Sometimes I get mad for no apparent reason, I just do it. He doesn’t understand the pain inside my body that hurts so much, we call it Dysmenorrhea. It hurts like hell, my head aches so much and I feel like I’m so dry. Lifeless.

So because of this questions, I’ve come up with a list of how I want a guy should treat a girl or more like how I will treat my girl if I were a guy. Hope your’e still with me ^_^

1.  I will remember every little things about her because girls like guys who pay attention when they tell even the trivial thing about her.

2. I will hold her hands when we cross the streets. Girls secretly want their guy to hold their hands whether they’re afraid to cross or not.

3. I will push her hair away when I kiss her. Girls like to feel special. When guys do this, girls will think that guys want to see the whole pretty face, not just her lips.

4. I will court her everyday of my life. Don’t stop what you’ve started, treat her like how you got her. Make her feel special.

5. I will laugh at her jokes and be goofy with her. Girls think this is the cutest thing ever, second to back hugs.

6. Pig out when she wants to eat a lot. Don’t mind your diet. Getting fat together also means ‘my love for you is BIG as my appetite’.

7. I will punch a guy who will hurt her, because no matter how strong the personality of a girl is, she still needs a hero.

8. I will surprise her with post-it love notes. Girls love surprises and sometimes prefer love notes than text messages.

9. I will kiss her forehead and hug her. Simple gestures that will give her a lot of butterflies in the stomach.

10. I will hug her when she’s afraid of the horror movie we are watching. 

11. I will understand her on her PMS days, because it’s not her fault why she’s acting weird. There’s something going on in her body. Her abdomen and hip are aching at the same time. It is something that she can’t explain because it’s scientifically difficult. 

12. I will not let her sleep mad at me nor sleep first before her because it will make her feel bad. She will start to think that I’m falling out of love from her, in short she will over analyze things which are far from reality.

13. I will say sorry to her, her fault or mine because I value her more than my pride. The word sorry means a lot to her. Saying sorry will not make me less of a man if I humbly say those words.

14. I will not be late during dates. Girls hate lates. They don’t like the waiting.

15. I would love her like how much I love my mom. I respect my mom so I will never hurt my girl.

16. I will not give her the reason to get tired of me. I will see to it that I’m the best boyfriend and be the goofiest bestfriend at the same time.

17. I will be there for her when she needs to scream and cry. Just be there for her, as simple as that.

18. I will wear the t-shirt that she buys for me even if it makes me look stupid, because it’s from her.

19. I will drive her home even if it takes a long drive just to make sure that she is safe and sound when she gets home.

20. I will hold her hands infront of my friends and family.

21. When she’s really really mad at me, I will say something and hug her. Because girls are at their angriest when they’re boyfriends are quiet during fight.

22. I will listen to the songs she wants me to listen. Because along with the song, is the message that a girl wants you to know.

23. I will read between the lines. Girls naturally say something that are between the lines. If she says “Go away”, what she really means “Please stay”. 

24. I will not read her personal text messages. Even though you guys are very very close, at least set a boundary. We girls are also entitled to what we call privacy.

25. And last, I will be the greatest, silliest, and most amazing love that she will ever have.


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