I am standing on the ground, the same ground where you left me drowning with tears. I asked you to stay, but you just turned your back on me. You said nothing, like a rock you just ignored me. 


    Suck my blood, ravish me till I die ‘cos I’d rather die than live with a bruised heart.


I thought I moved you like the way you moved me. I thought I’m your Forever and your my Serendipity. I thought I’m your personal morphine. I thought I’m your sun and your my moon. I thought your’e my Edward..


I just thought you are the one..


Every night I wait for you..

Every night I stand along the window pane like a lunatic. When I close my eyes I wish to see only you. In my dreams I long to see even just a glance of you. I wish for you to see me like the way I see you. I wish you still think of me like I always do. 

                 ‘Coz in my lonely hours, when no one breaks the silence, I’m mourning. 


Days, weeks, months..

Your absence reminds me of my foolish heart. I fell for everything untrue. I was fooled by your sweet tongue.


Bathe with my blood


Your’e just another boy who stabbed my heart to death. You broke me my love. I’m lost, but I still have the love I have for you. The heart that still beats for you with all the little pieces.


Days, weeks, months have passed and I’m still waiting.

I know you’ll come back

I know we’ll meet again..

Eclipse happens right?


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