Say It Through His Name

Dearest Love, 

              Thank you for making my days the happiest. I love you blah! blah! blah!




Do you find it boring to write a letter that starts with ‘My dearest Juan’ and ends with ‘Your love, Maria’ ? Seriously you don’t want your partner to just read your love letter because it’s from you. No excitement, it’s plain and bummer. I for an instance, I don’t want my guy to read my letter just for a reason that Its from me. I want him to feel excited! I want to see in his eyes that he likes it. More than like it. 

Give a touch of your creativity. Make it appealing not just by the highfalutin words you have, but how you present it. A letter doesn’t have to end with Dearest and ends with Your Love, try pouring your love into a piece of lovely special paper and write your thoughts through his name. Just like this.



Reminiscing the pain that Iv’e been through in my 23 years of existence, I realized that it’s not impossible to find the love that I’ve been longing since then. Too many people have passed and I thought they would care for me the way I deserve to be treated, but I was wrong. They were just a passers in my life who taught me that I cannot teach anyone to love me the way I wanted to be loved. But somehow I thank them. I thank them for giving me heartaches because it led me to my last love. Ü They made me realized that every heartbreak leads a person closer to the one who is meant for her. Its true, because when they broke my heart, they led me closer to you. ♥


Everytime you make me feel special I feel like I’m the prettiest girl in the world! You are so thoughtful and sweet. You are different from them. You are an angel that God sent for me. You are the prince that saved me when I was a damsel in distress. You are a breath of fresh air in the middle of my quite-messy-life. You are the wishes that I made in every star that I’ve waited to fall. You are the guy who laughs with me, but I know that you will never ever try to make fun of me. You are the only guy who appreciate what I say and what I do. You are the guy who give me the kind of respect that I deserve.. Thank you for choosing me.


Yesterday was full of ups and downs, but now that I have you, I don’t wanna get stucked from the past. I wanna enjoy every moment I have with you and walk with you in my future. I wanna do everything with you. Cook together and wash dishes, swim and shell hunting, play badminton and scrabble, walk in the street, and many more. Your’e the one I want to laugh with when I crack a joke. Your’e the one I want to intertwine my fingers with. You are the guy who’ll sit beside me on my Wedding Day. It’s your face I want to see first when I wake up in the morning.. Your’e the one who owns the sweetest smile ever painted on my face.. The one who owns my heart that will only beat for one person, YOU.


I love you my Rey.


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