The Proposal

It was early dawn when I was awaken by the ringtone of my cellphone.  Guess who was calling? It was Ashton, my boyfriend.

“Duh? Why was he calling me?”  I said to myself.

I still managed to raise my eyebrows despite of having tired eyes. I turned around first to see if he was beside me before I answered the call. Oh. Em. Gee. He was not here. He was supposed to sleep here ( just so you know we were living in for two years now ). I admit I was thinking that he spent the night with a white trash and he was calling me to open the gate for him. Oh gosh tell me I was wrong.

Then I nagged him right after I answered his call.

I asked him where he was and why he was not in our room. He just gave me a simple laugh. The smirk that I’m crushing until now. 🙂 He told me to get up from bed and follow what he was going to say. I was hesitant at first, but then later on I chose to do what he said. I didn’t want to spend the dawn alone in our room. So I got up from bed wearing my favorite pink pajama with butterfly prints and favorite Hello Kitty t-shirt. I did not fix myself anymore because I was thinking that my boyfriend was just playing prank on me again.

Half-asleep, I went outside with my phone still on my left ear. It was dark. I saw nothing. Err.. Well yes, it’s not totally dark. At least few of the Moon Goddess’ light entered the window and so I was able to reached downstairs.

“Where are you?”

No answer from him. He didn’t tell me where he was. He just told me to calm down and not to worry, but hey! I did the opposite, I couldn’t help myself not to panic. I asked and told him “Are you playing prank on me again? Hunny stop this it’s 2:00 o’clock in the morning and–“ I wasn’t able to finish what I was going to say because he sshh me. Gosh, my man will give me a heart attack. He was so serious this time. I didn’t hear him laugh again, probably he was not really playing games with me.

I could feel thumps of a horse in my heart. Tugtug tugtug tugtug. That’s what my heart sounds when I am nervous. Haha! Anyway I could barely feel my feet touched the floor and I could even feel butterflies in my stomach. Oh gosh! I swear I didn’t know what he was up to.

I was getting paranoid. I was thinking of so many things. I didn’t even notice him uttering the three magic words, I Love You. OMG! What was happening?? I didn’t know what to do at that time then suddenly..

“Ay kabayo ka!”

I have this really funny habit of saying weird words when I am surprised and nervous. I was startled when the lights turned on. I dropped my cellphone and felt like my heart jumped in a highest point. Whooh!

 “Hunny..” I heard him whisper. He was standing behind me, so I turned around and hugged him so tight. I was really really scared, startled, angry, etc. I felt different emotions at that time. He was just laughing at me as if I was a stupid cat. I punched him on his back while I’m crying. I knew it! He was just playing prank on me!

I bit his shoulder, but he couldn’t stop laughing. He was happy because he got me again.

Then his mood became serious. He hugged me tight so I hugged him back. He whispered something on my right ear. What was that again?

“Happy Third Anniversary Hunny”.

Oh gosh It was our third anniversary and I almost forgot! Aaw. ♥ He was just misleading me. I thought he was just fooling around, but I was wrong. He just wanted to surprise me. Wasn’t that sweet? I was really surprised. Who wouldn’t be? As a return I greeted him too and planted a sweet loving kiss on him.

I thought it would end there. He held my chin up close to him, looked straight into my eyes and told me these things.

“Hunny we have been together for a very long time now. You know all my flaws. You know my innermost thoughts. You know how awful my handwriting is. You are not disgusted when I fart loud. You don’t judge me when I eat like a caveman. You know when I am upset or happy. You never left me when I was once a jerk, I was so sorry for hurting you before. Hunny I love you much and I promise I won’t do the same mistake again. I will never ever be a jerk again. I will be the best boyfriend that one could be proud of. I have never been this happiest before. I have never been in love like this. This is so awesome. I want to be with you anytime of the day. I am always excited to go home after work, because you are my home.

Hunny.. Will you marry me? Will you stay with me until forever? Will you be the woman I am going to grow old with?”

Wait, was I crying? Oh my gosh I was crying. I was moved by what he said. I felt his sincerity, I wanted to say yes but I said NO.

Funny, my boyfriend was a gangster but he cried because I said no. Love made him soft. 🙂 I am crazily in love with him so I grabbed his hand and hugged him while saying,

“Hunny you know that I am crazy for you. I said no because I won’t just marry you, but I’ll stay in love with you no matter what happens.

I won’t just stay with you until forever, because I want to stay with you if there is longer than forever.

And no I won’t just be the woman who will grow old with you, but I will be the woman who will forever love and take care of you until God takes my last breath away.  

Hunny this I promise you, even if I see the best of the world I will still go back to the same person I am in love with right now, you, because you are my home.”


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