Daddy’s Once Little Girl

It’s already 12:01 o’clock in the morning and I’m still here in the office waiting for my boss’ call.

♫ Tick tock tick tock

I can hear the clock’s sound already. I haven’t had a good sleep since Sunday. Ow gosh I think my eye balls are popping out! I cant look at the mirror. I’m dry and sticky, as in literally sticky! Not to mention boredom. Thank goodness I brought my I-Pod so I’m able to listen to music.


When you are alone things are popping up in your mind. I came across with the song I Will Be There from Kyla and suddenly a feeling of nostalgia started to creep over me. I got a flashback of a happy faces of mom, dad, and me.


Come to think of it, things happen so fast. We just don’t realize it. It was just yesterday when I was just the little girl my mom used to dressed and now I’m already the girl in a business suit. There was just one man in my life and that was my dad but today there’s this guy whom I want to be with for the rest of my life. I cry and call  mom when somebody hurts me, but now I can stand up and fight for myself. When I was a little girl I was hurt  because of bruised knee but now I’m hurt because of bruised heart.


I don’t know anything about falling in love. All I know is life is wonderful, a candy land. Where sweets, chocolates, candies are made. 


Life is so simple before. It was just me and my doll. It was just my dad and my mom. I watched movies with them, we ate together, laughed at small things. I was my mom’s little angel, and my dad’s princess. They were my sanctuary and my cocoon from the world’s cruelty.


I remember him as the best dad a daughter would be proud of. He was the kind of father who would try his best to tie his little girl’s hair when her mom is not around. Mind you, my hair was a mess. He buys me candies when I was crying. When he goes home from work, he still had a strength to cook for us even if he was tired. I don’t know how he does that, maybe he was a living superhero. He was the one who always ask my mom to forgive me whenever I make a stupid mistake, he was my defender. I remember the time when I had my first boyfriend, he never ever scolded me for falling in love. He just gave me a fatherly slash motherly advice. He gave his full trust on me, unlike mom. He worked hard to give us the things that a father and husband would want to give his family. He was too kind to hurt mom when she nags him, he just sit quietly there and swallowed the hurtful words that my mom said.


Then things changed.


We lost my dad. He was with someone else now. My mom was hurt and I was left with half of the earth’s face solitude in my heart. Everything was falling apart. I thought my mom is his queen and I’m his princess.


He left without saying goodbye.


I wish I could bring back the hands of time. I wish God will grant me even just one day to go back from my childhood days when the only man I know is dad. It still hurts when I think of happy faces of the people from the past.. Life goes on without me. So I should move on, get on with my life and accept that I’m no longer his little princess..


I miss him. I hope that even if he’s far away, he still think of the daughter he used to carry. The baby girl he used to call Princess. I love you dad even though your’e not with us anymore, I’m still the daughter who would take care of you when your hair turn gray.


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