The Dilemma of Having a Unique Name


While Filipino parents are fond of giving their children a commonly used names like Tintin, Nonoy, Boy or Baby, there was a mother in a small town of Gandara who named her daughter a peculiar name, Knikon.

Yup, that’s me. It’s peculiar because a lot of people are asking me if it’s really my name and they find it hard to spell and pronounce. It pronounces as Nikon. ^_^ Most of the time they mishear it as Nicole and spell it like those of appliance brand and slippers. Great Mom!

I don’t know if they are deaf or heard it right but just preoccupied with the common name Nicole. Just like in Starbucks

Cashier: Maam what’s the name?

Me: Knikon

Cashier: What Maam, Nicole?

Me: No, it’s Knikon

Cashier: Nicole?

Me: (Irritated) Oh my God, yeah right it’s Nicole.

Another encounter was when the cashier in one of the stores that I went, had hard time spelling my name so I volunteered to write my name on the official receipt.

And this is the funniest encounter that I ever experienced about my name. One time I sent a request in a FM Radio Station and the DJ read my name as ‘KINIKON’ instead of ‘NIKON’! Imagine, she said my name wrongly ON AIR. Funny ayt?

And now when someone asks my name I tell them that my name is Nicole. They always thought and misheard it as my real name so might as well use it. I always have a lot of explaining to do like how my name spells so to avoid this hassle I just go with the flow, and embrace Nicole as my second name.

Honestly it’s not so annoying, instead I take it hilariously. Nicole is not a bad name, if I were to be born by my mom again I would love to be named Nicole. Nicole or Knikon I’m still me. It’s just the name that’s confusing, but my personality will always be the same as what and who I am today.


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