Us, Girls!


We, girls, tend to make fuzz out of simple things. We take it as a big deal. We over analyze things. We nag, laugh out loud like a lunatic. We mess our boyfriend’s hair that he just fix for half an hour. Shout at him when we have PMS. We talk a lot like there is no tomorrow. We have mood swings. Fickle minded most of the time, we cry over a heartbreaking scene from a movie. We are a self-confessed drama queens,


but when we love someone we give everything to him. We are open of risking our heart to someone knowing that he might just break it.


We are always at his side when he needs someone. We never leave when the world leaves him. We still treat him like a king even if everybody throws a trash on him. He is still our Superman even if everybody thinks he’s weak. We listen to what his heart wants to say when nobody wants to listen to him. We can be equally goofy and romantic just to see him smile.


Girls are special. 


We are both annoying and sweet, because we are made that way. We reciprocate what guys give us or even more, so if he breaks a girl’s heart he should expect a fuckin’ pain that he deserves. 


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