Look for a guy who loves you more than you love him. A guy who will give importance to you like no one else did. A guy who will show you how special you are to him even if your’e just an ordinary girl from the block. A guy who would look at you differently, someone who would see your soul and discover beautiful things about you that no one else can.


A guy who will catch a bullet for you, because he loves you that much. A guy who will trade his life just for you. A guy who will do everything to give you the best in life and won’t expect anything in return. A guy who will text you everyday to remind you how much he loves and value you. A guy who will call you every night to bid you sweet dreams. A guy who will protect you.


A guy who can hold your hand when it’s sweating. A guy who will stand up for you when his friends diss you. A guy who can accept your foolishness. A guy who can’t bear the thought of losing you. A guy who is willing to wait for you. A guy who can set aside his ego just for you.


A guy who wont force you to change just for him. A guy who can make you feel that you are a lady who deserves to be treated like a princess and not an ATM. A guy who will still court you like how he got you as his girl. A guy who has a huge respect on his parents. 


A guy who loves God.


And when you have him right now, don’t ever let him go because if you do, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.


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