Deadringer (n)

– A person who is almost identical to another.

Have you ever saw someone who really looks exactly like your friend? Or a friend who looks like the celebrity that you are following on Twitter. Weird right? And at the same time amazing. It’s amazing because two persons who are not related to each other do look like each other. Well not exactly the same, but some face value and angles are prominent.

I have already seen people who are almost identical to each other. Some of my friends are. :)) For this past few weeks that I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries every night, ( I sleep very very late at night because of this) I notice that Nina Dobrev is really identical with our very own Angelica Panganiban, a Filipino actress. Funny, she is a doppleganger in the said series, but in reality she is a deadringer for Angelica. Angelica is just a voluptuous version of her.

Nina Dobrev (top) Angelica Panganiban (below)














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