Proud Daughter


She traded everything for us from eyeliner for dark circles, salon haircuts for ponytails, long baths for quick showers, a pair of bikini for a baby dress, a new sandals for a cute baby shoes, an extravagant birthday celebration for our baby shower, a sexy smooth skin for a sagging skin, to designer bags for diaper bags.

She cooks and feeds us, lays her life for us, swallows her pride for us; washed even our stained undies, ironed and prepared our uniform, taught us our lessons, helped us with our homework, bought us bolsters for a hugging buddy at night, prepares the mosquito net to protect us from that freakin insect, taught us basic household chores and taught us to pray.

SHE DOES EVERYTHING FOR US. Everything for us..

She is also beyond scary like a tigress. She may be possessive at times, and that is because she only wants to protect us from any danger. That’s what a mother does, right? Whether it is a cat, chicken, eagle, ostrich, dog or human; a mother will always have a maternal instinct. Mothers can’t take seeing their masterpiece hurting nor crying. So please understand why they are pesky sometimes.

Trust me, it’s for your own good. Not just today, but soon you will see.

Remember that mothers know best.

She’s tough as tigress; yet tame as cat. She may spank us with a broom, but I know she is hurting. I just know because I came from her womb. She may tell us to go away, but I know deep inside she wants us to care for her. She may be strong, but deep in her heart she wants to cry.

And now that we have grown up, I can see those wrinkled hands, but I’m not disgusted because those are the hands of the woman who took care of us when we didn’t know how to walk, eat, talk, read and write. I also the see the stretchmarks around her waist, again I’m not disgusted because those are the marks of the pain she went through when she gave birth to us. The marks that brought us to the world. The marks that brought us to where we are right now. I can also see those black strands of hair that gradually fading to gray and I’m not disgusted either, because those hair are reminders that she has done a mixture of good and bad things in her life and that she doesn’t want us to experience any struggle that she had gone through.

Our mother is still alive and fuck yeah she’s still kicking! :)) She is better than the best Mom ever included in the Guinness Book of World Records, if there is any.  If there’s none, I believe my mom should be in the book. She rocks! \m/

And now for everybody to ponder; while we still have the woman who brought us to the world, biological or adoptive, we have to let them feel that taking care of us for a period of years is a precious thing they have ever done. Let’s not talk back and curse our mother. Remember you wouldn’t be here without her. Let us make them feel that every day is a Mother’s Day! Study hard, then find a decent job after and treat her on your first salary. Treat her with anything. A dimsum noodles, a Star City ride, a cheap dress, or a cup of Starbucks coffee. Anything as long as it’s from you.

And don’t forget to be thankful. Thank her for the sleepless nights, for the glamour and dreams that she set aside; and for the long baths she forget to take.

Thank God for giving you a Guardian Angel, your mom. :))




My mom is the most important woman in my life. She carried me in her womb for nine months. Imagine how big her tummy was and how much hurt she’d been through during her pregnancy. Despite of the pain and changes in her body, she loves me. She did every mom would do to make her child born healthy, pretty and brainy. She read me books, put music on her womb, ate healthy foods for me and talked to me as if I can hear her.



When I was born, I gave her sleepless nights because I was crying at wee hours. She fed me, she made me milk, she took me away from harm and protected me so as not to be bitten by mosquitoes. 

When I started schooling, she prepared our breakfast, iron my uniform. She used to fix my tie and clean my nose before I leave to school. And when I get home, she was the one who helped me with my lessons. She is not just a mother, she is my tutor.



I grew up the way just how she wanted me to be, a successful daughter. But there was a time when I got so irritated by her. I hated how she asked for money everytime, I even called her ‘mukhang pera’. I didn’t want to communicate with her. I didn’t even answer her calls and texts.  I snubbed her most of the time, she is so clingy, she controls me as if she knows everything. I only text her if I sent her an allowance. For me, its just money that matters to her. 

 There was a time I let her wander Manila alone even if I know that she doesn’t know her way home. I just let her go because I didn’t want to be with her. When I received my first monthly salary I didn’t treat her in a fine dining nor buy something for her, instead I just bought her dimsum noodles which only costs P25.00.



Then one night, I dreamed that she died. That was so sad. No, HORRIBLE. When I woke up, I felt a tear fell on my right eye and realized how much she means to me. I was a terrible daughter. I was such a bitch and ungrateful daughter to her. I texted her that day, I said sorry for all the pain I’ve caused and told her ‘I love you, Ma’ for the first time. I know that I’ve hurt her even if she didn’t tell me. Guess what? She forgave me. That’s what a mother is, she cannot stand her child.

And now, I am a woman who love her mother more than anyone else in the world. I’d give everything to her, I’d even give my life for her. I don’t even mind giving her my weekly allowance as long as she’s alright, because I know that the love she gives me is unconditional. No one will ever break a mother’s love to her child.

I love you Mama, thank you for taking care of me and I promise that I will go through the ends of the world just to give you a beautiful life that you deserve. ♥


PS: Love your mom, show your love before it’s too late. Don’t hate her, don’t deceive her, don’t hurt her feelings, and don’t shout at her when she is pesky, remember without her, you will not be able to read this post right now.