Proud Daughter


She traded everything for us from eyeliner for dark circles, salon haircuts for ponytails, long baths for quick showers, a pair of bikini for a baby dress, a new sandals for a cute baby shoes, an extravagant birthday celebration for our baby shower, a sexy smooth skin for a sagging skin, to designer bags for diaper bags.

She cooks and feeds us, lays her life for us, swallows her pride for us; washed even our stained undies, ironed and prepared our uniform, taught us our lessons, helped us with our homework, bought us bolsters for a hugging buddy at night, prepares the mosquito net to protect us from that freakin insect, taught us basic household chores and taught us to pray.

SHE DOES EVERYTHING FOR US. Everything for us..

She is also beyond scary like a tigress. She may be possessive at times, and that is because she only wants to protect us from any danger. That’s what a mother does, right? Whether it is a cat, chicken, eagle, ostrich, dog or human; a mother will always have a maternal instinct. Mothers can’t take seeing their masterpiece hurting nor crying. So please understand why they are pesky sometimes.

Trust me, it’s for your own good. Not just today, but soon you will see.

Remember that mothers know best.

She’s tough as tigress; yet tame as cat. She may spank us with a broom, but I know she is hurting. I just know because I came from her womb. She may tell us to go away, but I know deep inside she wants us to care for her. She may be strong, but deep in her heart she wants to cry.

And now that we have grown up, I can see those wrinkled hands, but I’m not disgusted because those are the hands of the woman who took care of us when we didn’t know how to walk, eat, talk, read and write. I also the see the stretchmarks around her waist, again I’m not disgusted because those are the marks of the pain she went through when she gave birth to us. The marks that brought us to the world. The marks that brought us to where we are right now. I can also see those black strands of hair that gradually fading to gray and I’m not disgusted either, because those hair are reminders that she has done a mixture of good and bad things in her life and that she doesn’t want us to experience any struggle that she had gone through.

Our mother is still alive and fuck yeah she’s still kicking! :)) She is better than the best Mom ever included in the Guinness Book of World Records, if there is any.  If there’s none, I believe my mom should be in the book. She rocks! \m/

And now for everybody to ponder; while we still have the woman who brought us to the world, biological or adoptive, we have to let them feel that taking care of us for a period of years is a precious thing they have ever done. Let’s not talk back and curse our mother. Remember you wouldn’t be here without her. Let us make them feel that every day is a Mother’s Day! Study hard, then find a decent job after and treat her on your first salary. Treat her with anything. A dimsum noodles, a Star City ride, a cheap dress, or a cup of Starbucks coffee. Anything as long as it’s from you.

And don’t forget to be thankful. Thank her for the sleepless nights, for the glamour and dreams that she set aside; and for the long baths she forget to take.

Thank God for giving you a Guardian Angel, your mom. :))


The Dilemma of Having a Unique Name


While Filipino parents are fond of giving their children a commonly used names like Tintin, Nonoy, Boy or Baby, there was a mother in a small town of Gandara who named her daughter a peculiar name, Knikon.

Yup, that’s me. It’s peculiar because a lot of people are asking me if it’s really my name and they find it hard to spell and pronounce. It pronounces as Nikon. ^_^ Most of the time they mishear it as Nicole and spell it like those of appliance brand and slippers. Great Mom!

I don’t know if they are deaf or heard it right but just preoccupied with the common name Nicole. Just like in Starbucks

Cashier: Maam what’s the name?

Me: Knikon

Cashier: What Maam, Nicole?

Me: No, it’s Knikon

Cashier: Nicole?

Me: (Irritated) Oh my God, yeah right it’s Nicole.

Another encounter was when the cashier in one of the stores that I went, had hard time spelling my name so I volunteered to write my name on the official receipt.

And this is the funniest encounter that I ever experienced about my name. One time I sent a request in a FM Radio Station and the DJ read my name as ‘KINIKON’ instead of ‘NIKON’! Imagine, she said my name wrongly ON AIR. Funny ayt?

And now when someone asks my name I tell them that my name is Nicole. They always thought and misheard it as my real name so might as well use it. I always have a lot of explaining to do like how my name spells so to avoid this hassle I just go with the flow, and embrace Nicole as my second name.

Honestly it’s not so annoying, instead I take it hilariously. Nicole is not a bad name, if I were to be born by my mom again I would love to be named Nicole. Nicole or Knikon I’m still me. It’s just the name that’s confusing, but my personality will always be the same as what and who I am today.

Relatable Posts


You’ve been hurt. Yes I know that, but it’s wrong to hate someone you thought you’d spend forever with, because somehow you were once happy with him. Remember the times when you were in love, he was the reason behind every smiles you had. It’s okay to cry, but never ever curse him. Instead hold the pain he had caused you and use it as motivation to be a better person, not a bitter person. One day you’ll be okay and that badass who broke your heart will run back to you, but you wont want him no more. ♥




You have moved on, but when you close your eyes it’s still his face and the memories you’ve had that flash back unintentionally. You love him less now, but in the deepest part of your heart there lies a feeling of wanting him again. That if he knocks on your door you will never have a second thought of not having him back. You will always say yes to him regardless of the pain you have gone through. Well, you haven’t really moved on, you just get used to the pain or maybe you have moved on but not yet over him. 



There will come a time that you will miss someone who once the reason why you wake up in the morning with a smile, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be with him. You can never avoid it because once in your life you spend almost forever with him. It is better to just miss him than to spend your life with a person who doesn’t give a fuck if you’re still alive or not. Someday you will have a reason to wake up in the morning with a smile again, this time with another person who deserves you.

Daddy’s Once Little Girl

It’s already 12:01 o’clock in the morning and I’m still here in the office waiting for my boss’ call.

♫ Tick tock tick tock

I can hear the clock’s sound already. I haven’t had a good sleep since Sunday. Ow gosh I think my eye balls are popping out! I cant look at the mirror. I’m dry and sticky, as in literally sticky! Not to mention boredom. Thank goodness I brought my I-Pod so I’m able to listen to music.


When you are alone things are popping up in your mind. I came across with the song I Will Be There from Kyla and suddenly a feeling of nostalgia started to creep over me. I got a flashback of a happy faces of mom, dad, and me.


Come to think of it, things happen so fast. We just don’t realize it. It was just yesterday when I was just the little girl my mom used to dressed and now I’m already the girl in a business suit. There was just one man in my life and that was my dad but today there’s this guy whom I want to be with for the rest of my life. I cry and call  mom when somebody hurts me, but now I can stand up and fight for myself. When I was a little girl I was hurt  because of bruised knee but now I’m hurt because of bruised heart.


I don’t know anything about falling in love. All I know is life is wonderful, a candy land. Where sweets, chocolates, candies are made. 


Life is so simple before. It was just me and my doll. It was just my dad and my mom. I watched movies with them, we ate together, laughed at small things. I was my mom’s little angel, and my dad’s princess. They were my sanctuary and my cocoon from the world’s cruelty.


I remember him as the best dad a daughter would be proud of. He was the kind of father who would try his best to tie his little girl’s hair when her mom is not around. Mind you, my hair was a mess. He buys me candies when I was crying. When he goes home from work, he still had a strength to cook for us even if he was tired. I don’t know how he does that, maybe he was a living superhero. He was the one who always ask my mom to forgive me whenever I make a stupid mistake, he was my defender. I remember the time when I had my first boyfriend, he never ever scolded me for falling in love. He just gave me a fatherly slash motherly advice. He gave his full trust on me, unlike mom. He worked hard to give us the things that a father and husband would want to give his family. He was too kind to hurt mom when she nags him, he just sit quietly there and swallowed the hurtful words that my mom said.


Then things changed.


We lost my dad. He was with someone else now. My mom was hurt and I was left with half of the earth’s face solitude in my heart. Everything was falling apart. I thought my mom is his queen and I’m his princess.


He left without saying goodbye.


I wish I could bring back the hands of time. I wish God will grant me even just one day to go back from my childhood days when the only man I know is dad. It still hurts when I think of happy faces of the people from the past.. Life goes on without me. So I should move on, get on with my life and accept that I’m no longer his little princess..


I miss him. I hope that even if he’s far away, he still think of the daughter he used to carry. The baby girl he used to call Princess. I love you dad even though your’e not with us anymore, I’m still the daughter who would take care of you when your hair turn gray.

Ang Drama Mo Teh!

Sa buhay iba-iba ang mga pinagdadaanan natin lalong lalo na sa pag-ibig. Sabi nga ni Papa Jack, “Walang dalawang love story ang magkapareho”. Pero bakit ganun minsan nakakarelate tayo sa love story ng iba. Naiyak ka sa pinagdadaanan ni Basha sa One More Chance kasi naranasan mong manghinayang, Natawa ka sa kakengkoyan ni Laida Magtalas sa A Very Special Love Sequel kasi secretly in love ka din sa boss mo at napamura ka sa landi ni Kara sa No Other Woman kasi may kabit ang asawa mo.


Kaya ito gumawa ako ng post tungkol sa mga kadramahan ng pag-ibig.


  • Mga taong hindi pa rin nakakamove on sa ex. Mas matagal pa ang moving on period kesa anniversaries nyo. Naka-ilan na siya ng girlfriend, ikaw nagkukumahog pa rin na makalimot. Linoko ka na’t lahat lahat umaasa ka pa ring balikan niya. 


  • Mga taong umaasang magiging totoo ang mga landian. MU o mutual understanding ay isang relasyong may paasa at nagpapaasa. Walang commitment, ang ma-in love talo. Ito ang  klase ng pagmamahal na punong puno ng arte. Kung mahal mo go na! Kung hindi eh di wag mong paasahin.


  • Na-friendzoned. Ayan na si bestfriend mo kasama ang girlfriend, ikaw naman NGANGA! Eh kasi mahal mo na siya pero para sa kanya hanggang kaibigan ka lang. Pag wala si girlfriend, tsaka ka lang maaalala. Kapag inamin mo naman ang nararamdaman mo iiwasan ka pa, swerte ka kung si bestfriend ay in love din sayo.


  • Mahal mo pero takot ka, ayun nakahanap ng iba. Hindi lahat ng tao kayang maghintay. Syempre kung hindi mo pinapakita na mahal mo siya talagang maghahanap siya ng iba na mamahalin din siya. Kapag lagi kang takot, hindi ka makakatikim.. ng pagmamahal!


  • The Mistress, A Secret Affair, My Neighbors Wife at No Other Woman ang peg mo. Walang kahahantungan ang love story mo kasi forever kang kerida. Hanap hanap din ng single te pag may time! Pakamot kita kay Wolverine dyan.


  •  Mahal mo siya, mahal ka niya pero hindi pwede. Maaring bawal sa relihiyon nyo, o magkaaway ang mga pamilya nyo. Kung mahal nyo talaga isa’t-isa ipaglaban nyo! Manghihinayang ka lang kapag hindi nyo sinubukan.


  • Jowa mo pero tinatago mo. Aba eh bakit? Kasi ayaw mo malaman ng magulang mo o friends mo? Kung mahal mo talaga yan hindi mo siya ikakahiya. Be proud! Syinota mo eh, so ipangalandakan mo na IKAW ANG NAGMAMAY-ARI NG PUSO NIYA. 


  • Age doesn’t matter. Kasehodang 20 years ang gap nyo as long as single kayo pareho at nagmamahalan, go na! It’s up to you kung papaano niyo patutunayan sa ibang tao na hindi pera, katawan o ano pa man ang dahilan kung bakit mo siya jinowa.


  • Matanda na pero choosy pa. Ateng kung lagpas na sa kalendaryo ang edad mo wag na pong maging choosy kasi nagkakaubusan na ng lalaking matino ngayon. Kung hindi single wala namang pera, gwapo nga bata naman at peperahan ka lang, bongga nga pero may asawa. Kung sino dumating at ok naman go na!


  • Nasayo na, pinakawalan mo pa. At nung nakamove-on, tsaka ka iiyak at magmamakaawang balikan ka. Isipin mo na lang to, kung hindi ka handang makita siya na hawak-hawak ang kamay ng iba, wag mong pakawalan. Unless kasing ganda ka ni Basha.


Ako si Basha ang peg ko. ^_^


Ikaw ano ang drama mo?


Clumsy and Her First Love

My heart was beating so fast as if I can feel it jumping into my throat. That was the day! The day I was going to see my lost love, the one who captured my innocent heart all these years. It’s been two years, but i can still feel the love, pain and remorse that lead my  lachrymal gland to work. Lakrimal what?! He was my first love and the one who turned my world into a carousel of rainbow. Whew Rainbow. I’m high!

“What am I going to do when i see him?”  was the first thing i thought when we agreed to meet. NOTE: I was so in love with him that’s why I was the one who asked him to see me. I know it was such a cheap move. I thought of telling him that I still had a thing for him. Oh gosh I just couldn’t keep it anymore. I even prepared a speech. Haha! I thought of embracing him and kiss him so much, but it was definitely an atrocious idea ever. I chose to be just me, no pretensions.

I was so excited and at the same time nervous. The feeling is giving me a flock of butterflies in my stomach. Geez I hate that! That was the chance to feel his embrace once more, a chance to let him know that I still have this old feelings for him. A chance to intertwine his fingers on my sweaty gross hand. A chance to have a glimpse of his smile, even if he has a false teeth. LMAO!  A chance to have an hour with him. Did I sound a little demanding? No? Okay. 🙂

There I was walking around the familiar place we used to go. The place gone wilted, rubbish and abandoned. Could it be because his love for me had withered also? I really didn’t know. I walked slowly and sit on a bench where we used to sit. Crazy, I imagined younger versions of us cuddling while sitting on that very same bench I just sat on. I could even imagine him doing those little sweet things he used to do for me. Those things that sent shiver down my spine. I missed those moments when we teased each other. I used to call him a Chinese who eats Gumamela leaves (inside joke). Haha! And on our first date, we were strolling in Imelda Park after dinner. We were just watching the stars that night, because the environment was so ebony that you can even see the stars so vividly. The next thing we knew was that somebody pointed a really bright light on my face, my cousin. Ugh! Memories.

BEEP! A text message from him awaken me from reminiscing wonderful moments he shared with me. Whew! I felt my sweat came out and my hands were shaking. Oh Em Gee. He was really cominggg!! I just sat quietly, looking nowhere and anticipated the next episode of my love life. Sounds like a television series. :p

Three minutes became one minute, one minute became three seconds and three seconds became ——-

“Hey there”.

OH. EM. GEE. His voice. ^_^

I didn’t want to look at him because I was afraid to fall deeply in love with him again, but then I had no choice, so I turned my head on him instead. Olala! I saw the guy who took my heart away and didn’t even bother to return it. Douche bag!

Damn! He was still hot as ever. Hot as in undies-dropping hot. 😀 I couldn’t even speak, and oh I lost my speech. Dammit! Why now. Huhu! My heart was beating 10 times faster than the normal. I was dumbfounded. I lost for words. That was not supposed to be. 😦

He was the one who do the talking. Women, women, WOMEEEEEEN! He was talking about his women after we broke up. And my contribution? I was just giving him side comments, if you call “Really?” “Oh my gosh is that so?” “And?” a side comments. 🙂

But even though he was talking about his women, I was still able to reach Cloud 9. The fact that he was in front of me in flesh, I was more than joyful. I even heard Taylor Swift sang

♪♫ Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess It’s a love story baby just say yes ♫♪

Then an unexpected thing happened. I screamed so loud that even a glass would break. “AAAAHH I HATE YOU AAANTS!” I was bitten by a lot of ants. F*ck I didn’t notice that I sat down near an Ant Hill. Ugh! Then I was disappointed when I saw him laughing really really hard. He was laughing at me. He was making fun of it. I was disappointed and hurt. He was just laughing as if he was not deeply and madly in love with me. The next thing I knew he was blaming me for being so clumsy. 😦

What more disappointing was when he kept on watching the time and asking me if we could leave. Honestly I wanted to spend more time with him, but out of shame I said, “Yeah your’e right let’s go home”. I felt like he never wanted to talk to me at all nor see me again.

We rode his motorcycle. His dirty old motorcycle that was a witness of how crazy we were for each other. In fairness he drove me home, but left as soon I got down from his motorcycle. Such a douche bag indeed.

And now it was all just a memories. It was a part of the past now and there is no way to live it in the future. Everything happened for a purpose. Maybe he was just meant to be my first love, but not worthy enough to be my last love. Maybe we are not meant to be forever in love and maybe we were meant to be strangers, forever.

Ang Gusto Kong Boyfriend

Super sweet  

Yung tipong kikiligin ako. Hindi yung tipong makokornihan ako. Naalala ko yung line ng dati kong manliligaw, sabi niya sa akin noon “You palpitate my heart into ecstasy” tapos pinapungay niya pa ang mga mata niya. After one day, nalaman kong original line pala yun ni Jose Rizal na para kay Segunda Katigbak. Ang hinayupak na yun!


Cute magselos

Yung tipong ilang beses mong tinatanong kung nagseselos siya pero hindi umaamin. Pero huwag ka kulang na lang bigwasan niya yung kaibigan mong lalaki at ipakain ng buhay sa leon. Hihi!


Makikitext pa sa iba kapag walang load

Yung lalaking itetext ka ng “Good morning Hon”, “Goodnight Hon” kahit wala siyang load. Yung makikitext lang para sabihin sayo kung nasaan siya. Yung makikitext lang para maiparamdam sayo na walang araw na hindi ka niya naalala.


Yung gago, pero masarap magmahal

Yung lalaking gangster kung umasta, ala-Kenji Delos Reyes (She’s Dating The Gangster) pero nirerespeto ka. Yung tipong gago pero sobra kang mahal. Yung kaya kang ipagtanggol kahit saan at kahit kanino. Yung magbabago para sayo. Yung may bisyo nga pero babaguhin yun at ang magiging bisyo niya na lang ay ang mahalin ka.


Yung may sense kausap

Common sense, sense of humor, sixth sense, sense organ, paSENSEsiya. Oops I’m getting cornier. Hihi! Well he may not be mentally strong at least he is logically strong. Yung kahit anong topic nakaka-ride siya. ^_^


Yung may odor

Este! Humor pala sa katawan. Ung kalog din kagaya ko. Aanhin ko naman ang pogi, matalino, kamukha ni Daniel Padilla at romantiko kung walang kahumor humor ang katawan. Masayahin akong tao eh, so gusto ko masayahin din siya. 🙂


Yung hindi namimilit

Aysus, may mga lalaking mapilit. Yung lalaking magsusungit-sungitan at sasabihin sayo na hindi mo siya mahal kapag hindi mo maibigay ang gusto niya, yung Bataan mo! Masarap supalpalin ang gantong lalake. Grrr!


Hindi masyadong ma-ego

Alam naman nating na ang mga boys ay ubod ng egoistic. Sobra silang ganun. Ayoko naman ng ganun. Ang gusto ko yung lalaking kayang i-set aside ang ego para sa akin. Yung kayang mag-sorry kahit hindi siya ang may kasalanan. Hihi!



Yung tapang na hindi ka igigive-up kahit ano ang mangyari at kaya akong protektahan kanino man.


Honest, trustworthy and gentleman

Sino ba ang may ayaw sa gantong klaseng boyfriend? Kung ganito ang boyfriend mo, ay naku teh ang swerte mo!


Umiiyak paminsan-minsan

Ito yun eh. Yung lalaking hindi nahihiyang ipakita na nasasaktan na siya. Nakakabilib ang ganitong lalake, yung hindi iniisip ang ego at ang pagkalalaki. Pero huwag naman sana yung tipong nakakita lang ng dugo o sinigawan lang ng kalaban eh iiyak na agad. Toinks!


Full of Surprises

Ay syet pangarap kong maexperience ang Flash Mob proposal. ♥ Kapag mahilig sa sorpresa ang boyfriend ko, maaabot ko ang pangarap ko. Haha!


Alam ang pagkakaiba ng Kikay at Malandi

Meron kasing ibang lalaki na akala nila kapag kikay pomorma eh malandi na. Correction magkaiba po ito! Nakakatuwa kasi ang mga lalaking kayang spottin kung sino ang kikay at kung sino ang kire.


Yung mamahalin ako kung sino ako

Yung lalaking mamahalin ako sa kabila ng pagiging maingay ko, pagkabaliw ko, ang mga hilig ko, ang utot ko, ang aking bad hair days, ang PMS days, ang pagkabalbon ko, ang pagka-baduy ko, ang pagiging maarte ko, ang pagiging makulit ko, ang mga tantrums ko, ang pagiging kikay ko, ang pagiging babaeng bakla ko at ang aking clumsiness.