Falling in love with a friend who would rather maintain your platonic relationship than dating you, because he only sees you as his sibling.
Ouch. >_o
Being in this zone is one of the most painful phases of love that you will ever go through, because you have to pretend that there is nothing going on with your heart for him. No amount of tears and words could describe how much it hurts to love someone who has been so close to you, yet so far away.
So close that you can talk everything to him (except your feelings for him). So close that you can tease him, close that you can even hug and hold him. Close like a part of you is empty when he’s away. He’s your bestfriend right? He knows who you really are. He knows your favorite shirt, he knows when you are sad, happy and if you are hiding something. He knows where you hide the Nutella, he knows that you have an unproportional butt. He knows the greatest and the most awful facts about you.
Far away because you can’t tell him that you have a thing for him. You can’t hug him like hugging a boyfriend. You have him, but you have to resist the overflowing feelings for him, because he might notice that you are falling for him.
How did you fall in the first place? And how do you know if you are on a friend zone?
  • If you start to give meaning to everything that he does. Like when he just hold your hand when you cross the street, you’ll think he has a thing for you. But in reality, he’s just being a gentleman.
  • If you start thinking about him everyday. He’s on your mind when you wake up until you fall asleep at night. He’s all over your thoughts.
  • If you start to feel incomplete when you don’t see him everyday. Your day is boring when you don’t see even just a shadow of him.
  • If you start to feel butterflies in your stomach when he jokingly throws pick-up lines on you or when he cares about you. When you start to assume that he has really a thing for you.
  • If you start to get jealous with the girls he is dating. You don’t like the girl. You notice even the little flaw of that girl. You do everything just to take your guy away from her.
  • If you start feel pretty for him. Before you don’t care how awful you look. You don’t care when your hair is a mess, when you still on your yesterday’s sleepwear and you still love to wear your dirty old sneakers. You don’t apply make-up on. Now you start to put a little powder on your face when he’s coming and sometimes you wear something girly like a dress.
  • If you start blushing when everybody is linking you to him. People are always telling you that you are cute together, and you’re so annoyed by that idea. Now you kind of like it, more than like it.
  • If you start stalking his Facebook if he’s eyeing a new girl. You become a secret agent.
  • If you start to enjoy texting him until wee hours. You’re not tired of having late conversation with him. In fact it’s your cellphone that you search first thing in the morning when you wake up.
  • If you start expecting to receive his text when your cellphone beeps. You are always excited.
  • If you start to load your SIM when he texts even if it’s just a nonsense message.
  • If a stupid conversation becomes sense full. That’s the magic of being in love. A nonsense convo makes sense when you are talking to someone you like.
  • If you start to be sensitive about him. You cry when he says something disappointing. Your weakness becomes him.
I just know this because I’ve been in this zone for a long time, and guess what? I survived! I got out out from that effing zone and thank goodness I did. He was my bestfriend. I realized that I was falling when I started acting like a teenager having a huge crush on someone and a jealous girlfriend at the same time.

Iv’e gone a lot of pain and cried a lot of tears, but I didn’t regret any of it. Sure it hurt a lot, but it was magical, actually the most beautiful love story for me. Falling in love with someone who’s been in your life for a long time is the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s spontaneous and unexpected that’s why it’s called Falling in Love. I don’t regret the pain he inflicted on me because with him I was able to feel the feeling of real falling in love.

It’s difficult because it’s so hard to decide whether to risk the friendship or stay just friends. Are you brave enough to risk it all? Or should you just stay there and pretend that he’s just your best buddy forever? Think a lot of times what do you want, then decide. You just have to cross your two fingers what will happen if you choose to be brave enough or forever torment your heart when you choose to be the great pretender 🙂