Love The Blogger


Greetings from Highness Countess Champagne. ^_^


My name is Knikon Angelie S. Jumagdao from the Pearl of The Orient Sea, Philippines. I work in an advertising magazine as an Editor for real estate category, and yes the pay is good.  🙂 I’m an enthusiast of love, struggling guitarist, beat boxer, self-confessed actress slash singer and I’m a writer. I have a Wattpad account, just search pilosopongbasha and poof! You’ll find me. You can also follow me on Instagram @pilosopongbasha. You can also find me on Facebook, just like this page if you want.


I’ve written a lot of stories and I posted it on my Wattpad account. You can read some of them if you want. I’ll be posting the links below. I write what I feel and think. I pursue to pour my thoughts into this love pill I called, blogging. Some of my posts are a figment of my imagination and some are real. 🙂 And oh I do not claim the ownership of some of the photos I used in my posts.


Enjoy reading and please don’t forget to hit like, reblog and follow me. I love you my gorgeous readers. God bless you!


1. Chaks and Chicks In Love:

2. Huling Hiling:

3. The Girl With A Purple Scarf:

4. Kray:

5. Notebook And Pen:

6. Thoughts:

7. Warm Buddies:




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